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Create your own app for smartphones and tablets?
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App Builder

App building kit

With ABCApp it is very easy to create your own app for iOS, Android and HTML5.

Without programming knowledge! 

In just 3 steps, create your mobile app! 

Operate directly from the ABCApp modular web browser! 

Create as many apps as you want and without restriction! 

You get apps with over 40 functions at zero tariff with ABCApp.

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How high are the costs?

Comparing the cost of the modular variants with the fee for a programmer, the result is clear. Many app kits are available for about 1000 euros per year, while the professional alone can make a five-digit amount for the creation! And the follow-up costs for updates and maintenance per working hour are above € 100. 

We from ABCApp team decided to offer a free app kit. ABCApp is and remains free.

How quickly can I create an app?

Creating a cross platform app itself is faster. You create in a step three apps for all known mobile systems. You can be with a self-created app in a few days in the App Online Store.

How can I control my app?

You have your app in the hand right from the start. In the live preview you can see your results immediately. Changes and adjustments are possible at any time. The internal statistics help you.

Are multiple platforms possible (cross-platform)?

Yes! Build once and get a native app for iPhone, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, and an HTML5 web app.


The ABCApp team takes care of updates at no extra cost.

Have fun

The ABCApp team