Offline mode

Offline mode is a feature that allows your users to download the app's content to their smartphone so they can access it later, even if they do not have a connection.

When users download the app and open it for the first time, they are asked if they want to download the content to access it late when they are offline. If they do, they can access all content that is in the app, even if there is no connection.

But you need to know that everything linked to an external website is not downloaded, such as. YouTube videos, Instagram galleries or Facebook pages. If you want to get the content from outside the app, you need an Internet connection to access it.

Available features:

• Custom page

• Push messages

• Menu card

• Map

• Contact

• News

• Buissness directory

• Code scan

• Images

• RSS feed

• Tips Pocket calculator

• Subjects

• Source code

Have fun

The ABCApp team