Word Press ABC App Creator for your FREE app.

Just connect your ABC App to your Word Press Blog!

 Word Press Creator

Word Press feature allows you to integrate the content of a Word Press blog into an app.

Create an app for IOS, Android and HTML5 Web App smartphones for free!

To create an ABC Easy app, only three steps are necessary. 

Create as many apps as you want without restrictions. 

With this function, you have two options:

1. You can create an app with only one Word Press page, where you publish the entire content of the blog or some categories that you have chosen.

2. Or you can create an application with multiple Word Press pages to publish the content of a blog category in each of these pages. In this way the application homepage will look like this:

Of course you can change the icons of the Word Press pages to create your own design. In summary, you can add as many Word Press pages as you want.

Word Press Plugin

Now we will learn how to integrate the content of a WordPress website into an application.

Have fun

The ABCApp team